Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

tips and trik install OpenDS

As the intended user that will run OpenDS:
1. Download OpenDS -- 
2. unzip the zip file -- it will create an OpenDS-VERSION subdirectory
will all the files (you can rename / move this if you want, but I
recommend doing this prior to doing the rest of the steps).  I will
call the path to the OpenDS files $OPENDS (i.e. $OPENDS/bin,
$OPENDS/setup, etc are all valid paths)
3. export PATH=$PATH:$OPENDS/bin (the scripts assume this for when
they call $OPENDS/bin/dsconfig and such)
4. If a java version other than /bin/java needs to be used (/bin/java
-version will display the version), export
OPENDS_JAVA_HOME=/path/to/directory/with/correct/java/bin (i.e. export
5. cd $OPENDS; ./setup
    There is both a text based as well as GUI based installer (based
on if $DISPLAY is set and reachable)

the other think we ust set : hostname and ldap data must be same..